Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Some Review

You know what's crazy? New years are crazy. One more rotation around the sun. Twelve new months that have never been experienced before! How fun! What an adventure! And we all know around here that I do love a good adventure.

But before we fancy about what the future holds, let's look at where the past has taken us. This year has been one of its own - that's for sure.

When I think about 2010 I think about all the stuff that happened this year. There was a lot of it. And there was a lot of stuff that happened this year that hurt. I can't explain how deep heart break affects you, how much you hurt, how much you want to just forget about it, and how much work it is to move on from heart break. And I feel like this year held the most hurt for me out of any other year I've been alive. 

I know some people have had a great year, and for you, I could not be happier. But for me, I simply just can't wait to start this year fresh. I want to leave 2010 behind as a year that I would rather just erase from memory. We all have had those kinds of years. Some more than others. 

But among my "resolutions" I just want to say, don't worry about losing weight. Don't worry about 'being a better person' or whatever it is that you continually resolve year after year and just do this: be yourself.


  1. Ok so I love your idea about resolutions (obviously) but is it just me or is your dorm room pretty big? And neat and tidy! Woah, you sure you're a college student? :P

  2. I always describe heart break as a 'soul hurt.' Does that make sense?

    Do you have a flickr account?


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