Friday, July 9, 2010

Holy Watermelons It's July Already?

In case you were wondering about my whereabouts in the land of the internet, I've been absent for far too long my friends, far too long. And I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better, dear Bloggies.

But anyway, if you were also happening to wondering about my whereabouts in the land of the living, allow me to show you through pictures. :)

We dressed up at Disney characters for a Bible Story play. Prince Charming was the Prince of Persia.

I was the lovely Princess Tamina (spelling anyone? Or is that even the right name more likely?) but more importantly, I have blonde hair and she doesn't so nobody got it except the people I told, but whatever. I got to draw on my wrist with eyeliner to imitate henna tattoos and they didn't. They're just jealous.


Then today, we visited Farragut State Park for a hike with our ever lovely but oh so annoying day camp group. I love most of them. But only most. However, today's warmth and excitement more than made up for it.

But what I definitely love more than most of is taking pictures. And this was one of my favorite shots from the hike. Absolutely awesome if you ask me.

Oh Princey, you are so charming!

I was giving Evs a piggy back ride because with a face that cute, how do you tell it no? Okay, okay. So I tell her no a lot. But she's one of my favorite campers so she gets away with a lot too. 

And the photo to end all photos to prove the world that Natalie does indeed not have a butt. And Evs' socks don't match her outfit, which makes me all sorts of giggly on my little girl insides.

And of course, playing in the water, which includes the merciless squirting of the innocent. I'm a ruthless dictator.

How is your summer lovelies? 


  1. Great photos! It's ok if you don't have a butt.. I have enough for the both of us, I'll lend you some of mine, lol.

    Oh and my word verfication was "mismis". That means we miss you blogging!

  2. Hey lady! It's been awhile, but I'm glad I'm finally getting to catch up on your life's happenings! I've been fairly absent from the bloggy world, too, but I'm making a (small) comeback of my own!


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