Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Chair

I feel like being at home is unconducive to my blogging habits. When I'm at school it's a lot easier for me to just sit in front of a computer, but when I'm home there's a lot more to do. And typically I'm out gallivanting around town somewhere doing something somewhat unproductive.

Today, however, was slightly different. And by that I mean we spent maybe around an hour going through my sister's dresser drawers and throwing out holey socks and underwear and also compiling quite a number of clothing items suitable for donation to Good Will. We also moved her papasan chair out of her room and into the living room.

I have to tell you, the first time I fell in love with papasan chairs, I was a little girl. My grandparents had a house in Washington, and we would visit every so often. It was my mother's parents' house. I remember that house had an intercom system TheKeeper and I thought was really cool. And I remember playing some Bible video game, I think it was called Exodus, and it used to be my uncles. And there was a Chinese Checkers board game that was missing pieces that we pretended to know how to play.

And the doorbell chimes, they were right in the wall if I remember correctly. Long, and silver, and they made such pretty noises when your hit them against each other. I also remember in the bathroom there was a small white porcelain boot with fake flowers on top of a white wicker bookshelf that sat crooked in one of the corners. 

There was also blue carpet, but I don't remember much about it except that it was blue. And that I always think about it when I think about that house. And the squirrels. We would feed the squirrels from the dining room window out of a bag of peanuts that my grandpa always had.

I gave them names - there were two of them - but I can only remember that I assumed they were a boy and a girl. The girl was Roxie, and the boy I can't remember.

Anyway, back tot he chairs. My aunt still lived with my grandparents, I think. I was little, so I don't quite remember, but I'm pretty sure she still lived there. And in her room she had two of these amazing chairs. I'd never seen them before.

They were red. I think they had a floral pattern on them. And they were bowl shaped, perfect for curling up in. The cushions were so thick and comfortable! I could just sit in those chairs for hours. I was so little they just swallowed me up, but I loved them. I remember every time we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house I would want to sit in those chairs.

And since then, I've been obsessed with them.

I got my own for Christmas one year, and then I think my sister got hers the next year. My cushion is all but worn out. It's been living upstairs and been used and loved and cuddled on regularly. It's been fought over and toppled over and wrestled in. It's lived a good life.

My sister's chair, however, has known only the cold comfort of being covered in stuffed animals and clothes. Today, though, today that changed. We threw all the stuffed animals on the top bunk to be dealt with later, and then we ransacked the dresser drawers to make room for all her clothes, and then the DP and I moved her chair up to the living room to replace my much loved, much worn out papasan chair.

Someday, I will have a new cushion for my papasan chair and then it will be loved and cuddled once more. But until then, I'm going to fight off anyone who tries to sit in my sister's chair except me. Because her barely used cushion is not only a thing of beauty, but it is quite comfortable as well. I wish there was room for it in my dorm at school because you bet your boots that sucker would be making the two hour trip down to Moscow with me in January...

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