Friday, January 7, 2011

Hydros Do A Lot For Your Mental Stability

I woke up this morning starving, groggy, and nervous. I didn't want to get up. I didn't want to go anywhere. I didn't want to do anything except lay in my bed all warm and cozy and pretend that I didn't have the scariest doctor's appointment ever at 8:30.

Clad in my Vandal sweatpants and Twinlow sweatshirt, I piled into the car shivering. I rode shot gun, and theKeeper sat behind me. We talked about random various things that I really don't remember, and then we pulled into the parking lot of the oral surgeon, much to the hatred of my nervously shaking inside parts. I had been texting Princey because he was at the doctor's today too and couldn't be with me to hold my hand.

We trudged inside the building, looked over the appropriate paper work and had our very own hospital bracelets secured on our right wrists. They called theKeeper back first. I sat in the waiting room flipping through pictures on my phone and texting my boyfriend. I found this gem that I didn't even know existed!

And then I was led into an operating room, where I got to sit in a big beige chair with velcro arm restraints. My heart rate quickened. I really don't exactly why I was so nervous or scared. I kept telling myself that it will all be okay, but nevertheless my voice was shaking and my heart pounded in my chest.

The nurse came in to give me and IV drip. She talked about putting all my nervousness into my fist so she could find a vein for the needle. I hate needles. I turned my head to face the other direction while she gently tapped my arm and rubbed some cool liquid on my skin. My pulse raced.

And then it felt like a bee stung me and it was all over. She gave me some anti-biotic and talked about football and art work. She was surprised that they boy in the other room was my brother. We talked about my mom, having to take care of two loopy kids - but you know, if ever someone was capable of that it's totally that woman who raised us. She's phenomenal - plain and simple.

I remember the surgeon coming in the room and asking me questions. She told me she was giving me whatever it was that was going to put me under and I would notice the room getting spinny and then I would feel sleepy. I only vaguely remember feeling like the room was spinning and then nothing.

I don't remember anything until I was back home under a blanket with my sweatshirt back on and I didn't know how I got there. It's the most odd feeling - waking up somewhere and not knowing how you got there. I just closed my eyes again and then I feasted on a giant chocolate milkshake my lovely mother made for me.

Prince Charming came over after all his doctor dealios were over and he just held me. At one point we were both asleep on the couch together. He really is one of my most favorite people.

Overall, I've been pretty out of it all day. My speech is slow, my thoughts are slow, it's really fun to try and walk around the house. Or think. Or do anything except watch television and snuggle up next to my Prince. Tomorrow will be an adventure unto itself.

I think it's bed time.

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  1. I probably need to get all my wisdom teeth out, but my dentist hasn't talked about it in a while, and I haven't had an X-Ray done in ages, sooo I'm putting it off until I have dental insurance again someday.

    Anyway, I hope you heal up quick, and aren't in too much pain. I had four permanent teeth removed before I got braces, and that was some kind of adventure. The problem with pain killers is that by the time you realize you should take more (ie: pain) you can bet you're going to be in a pain for at least another 15-30 minutes until the meds kick in. It's awful.


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