Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Poem For Princey

she loves him
she knows when he's angry
sometimes he needs a shoulder massage
and sometimes it's better not to touch him
she knows when he's happy
his eyes light up his face
and his smile takes over
she knows when he's sad or upset
sometimes he just needs her company
sometimes he just needs to know it will all be okay
she loves him
she spoils him rotten
she takes good care of him
sometimes she brings him chocolate milk
sometimes she brings him food
Sundays she brings him to church
she loves him

he loves her
he plays with her hair
he hates to see her upset
and he likes it when she's happy
he laughs at her stupid jokes
he makes her play video games
sometimes he rubs her shoulders
sometimes he holds her against his chest
his hand placed flat on her back
and the other cupping the back of her head
because he knows she loves this
he loves her
he loves her company
when she's in the room even if she's not doing what he's doing
sometimes he just wants her around
because he loves her

she loves him
but sometimes he's confusing
there's been a lot of back and forth
and flip flopping
and this and that-ing
sometimes she wants to cry and pull out all her hair
because she just doesn't understand
sometimes she wants to just crawl into his embrace and stay there forever and ever
because he knows exactly how to make her feel better
because he loves her

they've been together for a long time
and while he's making up his mind
she's decided to support him
but she wants him to know that sometimes
sometimes it's just so very hard
and sometimes she wonders if it's worth it
and sometimes she's certain that it is
but mostly she's just trying to be herself
while waiting for this boy
to find himself
because she loves him

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  1. Nice :)

    PS: Like your new layout.


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