Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sleep is Optional

Life is getting pretty chaotic around here. And with the onset of winter, the days are getting shorter and darker and colder. 

Personally, I'm okay with this. I'm the type of person who likes to be cuddled up in my warm blanket holed up in my room. If only hibernation was something that humans practiced... But honestly, I'm in my sweatpants, in my room, the lights are on low, it's dark outside, I'm good. Candles would make it better, but in the dorms we're not supposed to have them lit. 

Lame, I know. But what can you do? I don't make the rules. Although most times I wish I did. 

My wall is becoming covered with the fruits of my labors in Printmaking class. There are a couple that I still need to put up, but I have five already hanging. I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time in the printing lab. First my poogie project, and then my edition.

My edition is themed "motion/commotion" so I used a photograph and printed out on a transparency. This was my result:

I had been working for a couple hours when all of a sudden there's a person standing next to me. At first all I noticed was the dark color of the jacket and then I realized that it was sweet Prince Charming come to bring me applesauce because I hadn't really had dinner yet. And I didn't even ask him to bring me it! He did it all on his own! 

You don't understand how out of character this is. 

What Prince didn't know was that I had already brought my own applesauce with me for snacking purposes, but I didn't tell him that until afterwards because I wanted him to feel important, because he is. 

(By the way, we aren't officially dating yet for those of you keeping tabs. This is going to be fixed on Prince's timing. I'm not going to rush anything and I want him to be totally okay with getting back together. So I'll let you know when the big moment happens so you're not holding your breath and dying of suffocation!) 

Anyway, if you're wondering what the blue plus sign above one of the figure's heads is, let me tell you. It was supposed to be a "+50" but in my hurry to complete the project, I exposed my images backwards and therefore I was only able to print the "+" because it would have looked sillier otherwise. 

Okay, so Natalie, why in the world would you print a "+50" above the head of your figure?? That seems so random!  Well, let me just tell you that in case you didn't already catch this fact, I am, indeed, a nerd. Gasp! I know! It's really hard to picture me being nerdy, but alas, it's true. 

And "+50" represents the amount of experience points to be gained if the one figure (which is actually LadiesMan) manages to push the other figure (which is actually dear Princey-Poo) off the cliff they are standing on. Nerdy right? It's a video game thing. 

(I think it's hilarious.)

(Probably because I don't get much sleep.)

(Which is due to the fact that I have a lot homework.)

(Which is lame.)

(I'm using a lot of parenthesis. Bare with me.)

So as you can tell by serious lack of post-age that I have been super busy. But hopefully after this week is over I may have a little less work until dead week rolls around in December and I'll want to kill myself again. (Not that I actually want to do that, but sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I just wish everything would complete itself while I napped.) 

But good things that have happened so far:

-Prince Charming is being himself again - so we are back on good terms and I'm not wanting to beat him up anymore because he was being retarded. 
-Prince Charming got a good phone not a go-phone
-My sister turned 13!! (she's OLD!) (I'm OLD!) (Prince Charming is old too because HE just had a birthday TOO!)
-I got new boots!
-My prints turned out awesome.
-Glee is on tonight
-And maybe I'll get to go to bed early tonight? What do you think? 

(I think no.)

Anyway, I need to do some homework and some laundry and try to figure out the universe and the meaning of life, and other stuff like that. 

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  1. The answer to life and everything is 42, just thought I'd save you that time. But I do enjoy the poster thing, I like how I'm getting the exp :)

    Good work on the prints, I enjoy them actually, its kinda something I've wanted to learn, but haven't had time.


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