Friday, January 1, 2010

I Shot The Sheriff

It started with Prince's idea to ring in the new year by blasting his friends with his newly acquired dart tommy-gun Nerf brand knock-off that's shoots these amazing suction cup tipped darts that stick to windows and bare chested bodies. And I went right along with it.

So he got a hold of a few of his bro-friends and we all brought an immense supply of Nerf guns and ammo to Prince's friend Ty's house. Sprawled out before us was upwards of 100 bullets, at least seven different guns, a funny looking bomb device used for either a Capture The Flag game or a Seek and Destroy mission, and two Nerf swords.

There were four boys. And me.

And we had til midnight.

The boys sat around and strategized about how exactly this big ordeal was gonna go down. Because of the odd number of people we had, the teams were uneven and we had a two versus three match planned. The team of two got the bomb thing which the team of three had to Seek and Destroy. We started the epic Nerf gun battle with the lights off in Ty's basement.

It was a sneak down the stairs and shoot wherever you thought there was or could potentially be a body of an opponent. The trick was to make sure you shot at the enemy and not at your teammate.

I love playing games with boys. They really are so very entertaining.

One hid in the bathroom. One hid under a desk. We were on a search and destroy anything that moves mission. Ty pitted Princey and me against each other for the first 50 thousand rounds, and then we got to team up for the last half of our allotted time for these dart shooting practices.

And let me just say that I kick some major butt with a Nerf gun. Target practice in the dark where nothing is visible, let alone trying to aim at a lurking figure that was nigh invisible in a room without windows or lights, should be tough, right?


Head shots apparently are my strong point. Dodging dart bullets is a skill I didn't know I possessed, and stealing that bomb thing was something I only managed to accomplish once - but boy was I proud of myself.

We went back and forth with our Nerf guns and knock off branded weapons of mass destruction for four hours. By then we were hot, sticky, sweaty remnants of the glorified shooting match we'd all just subjected ourselves to and the only thing left was a room full of stranded darts and bodies heaving to catch that ever illuding breath of air.

Around the kitchen table we discussed furthering our efforts as professional Nerf Gunners, future pursuit of a snowy hill to sled down in the daylight, and how much sparkling cider we were going to allow ourselves to consume. Some of us pretended to be drunk, some of us were just very tired and others of us we were ready to move on to whatever was next.

I opted to head home to a nice comfy bed and sleep off my post-war adrenaline high.

The new year could not have begun better. 2010 should watch out because I'm here, and I'll shoot it in the head if it tries any dirty tricks. You hear that New Year? No dirty tricks. Cinderella has a gun and she's not afraid to use it.

On a slightly unrelated subject, my only real 'new year's resolution' is a fairly common one in that all I really am wanting to do is get myself into the gym more often. That's one where people start out really strong and hit the gym three times a week in January and by mid-March they're sitting at home saying "I should go to the gym....but really, I'm just too tired. Maybe tomorrow." And they never get off their lazy butts and go.

I don't want that to be me. So I'm going to work hard to not let it become my future. I'm gonna stick it to the man and be all walk instead of just all talk. *crosses fingers*

So if you feel like sharing, I'm curious to know how you rang in the New Year and what you plan to do in 2010 as a resolution. If you even make resolutions, that is. I don't really ever, but somehow this year I talked myself into it.

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