Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You All Thought I Disappeared Didn't You?

Well sorry to spoil your celebration of the fact that I may or may not have dropped off the face of the earth, I am still here.

I spent 10 hours in a truck today driving from Klamath Falls, Oregon back to Idaho. Yesterday we drove from San Diego, California all the way to Klamath Falls. It was a. very. long. day. But we survived...barely. Spending upwards of 12 hours in a truck with the same songs blaring on the radio, surrounded by the same people (not that I don't love my family), and on the most uncomfortable Dodge seats around feel more like hell than a vacation. Mostly because you come out of it on the other side feeling under appreciated and wishing the government paid you to travel because you would make more money doing that than at your actual job. 14 hour days? No thank you.

San Diego was nice and warm compared to the 20 degree weather we have here. On Christmas, I went on a walk around my oma's neighborhood in a T-shirt so UV rays could blast my skin. It was definitely not short of awesome.

But despite the nice weather, Dad still wants to pretend that we were so rich we just escaped to some nice mountain resort and paid them to rope off a section of the mountain only for us so we were able to ski to our hearts content. Be not fooled, if anyone has met any sort of skibum ever they have a glimpse into what my father has developed into these past few years. So if you want to believe that's what we did, then believe it. Because we don't really have any pictures to prove you either way...

AND yet another perk to our trip, was that we all crammed ourselves into an IMAX theater to see Avatar in 3D. Seriously, if you haven't seen it - go. The plot line is a little predictable, but the CGI is just flat out amazing. But I'm warning you, if you go to see it, go early and try not to sit next to weird old Asian ladies who are eating popcorn that smells like throw-up. That will try to ruin your viewing experience, although if said situation does unfortunately occur my advice would be to switch seats with an unsuspecting younger sister or just suffer through it because you are stubborn.

As an added bonus to our wonderful drama filled vacation, today is TheMechanic's birthday. That little sucker is 14 years old. Seriously? WHEN did this happen? Who authorized it and why can't I reverse it? TheSibs are not allowed to age. Gosh.

I can't believe it's only 8 o'clock here. It feels later.... but because there is a birthday in the house, instead of going to bed I'm going to stuff my face with delicious ice cream and cake...


  1. Sounds like you had an amazingly exhausting trip. Have a Happy New Year! Love your blog!

  2. Birthday CAKE?! Cake? At your house? Like your mom couldn't jump out of a truck after 2 days of non-stop driving and whip up a pie? (She seriously could have, you know - she can do almost anything!) Who ordered cake?

  3. i know, i know. but we bought it before we'd even SEEN the house and we had like no food here, so we were stuck with cake. it had one layer of chocolate and one layer of vanilla and was very tasty.

    and lol mom totally can do almost anything. i couldn't have a better mom, really. but we didn't have any apples here, so unfortunately a pie was out of the question.

  4. Yeah, you are very right...predictable story, but those graphics were amazing! And those UV rays sound awesome right about now...

  5. Ugh, now I want cake and ice cream.

    That is crappy you had to spend all that time in the truck, I don't envy you.

    Everyone I know who has seen Avatar has liked it, I'll have to go see it!

  6. Nat, Seems in this day and age everyone has forgotten the adventure of a road trip! How will you ever forget the deranged
    easter bunnies, eating dinner 6 miles this side of hell and pretending to be stuck in the front seat for 13 hours when we had not been on the road that long!


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