Saturday, December 19, 2009

3 Days

And then I'm off to a land of sunshine, warmer weather, and family drama!

I've been home since Friday morning wreaking havoc, causing mental meltdowns, and stealing cookies from the kitchen. You know, all my usual shenanigans.

Tonight we're partying with the old people across the border. We'll eat cookies and have dinner while my parents hang with their lovely cross-border co-workers. Then tomorrow I'm off to Prince's house in the morning for more present opening.

After that I'm participating in the third opportunity to open wrapped gifts with TheKeeper, TheMechanic, DP and our parental units. Monday will be full of mi familia running around the house like chickens with their heads cut off packing for our upcoming world travels. Dad insists he will skiing on Monday while Mom does laundry and packs.

I am already all packed. It's one perk of living out of the house, when I come from school I'm already all packed.

The tree looks beautiful and has a lovely arrangement of packages underneath its ever-shedding branches. And just like the good children that we are, we've all been snooping to little hearts content and guessing what Santa brought us never picking up the presents or shaking/tossing/pounding on/tearing open corners to see what loot we are about to unwrap come Sunday night.

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