Thursday, December 17, 2009

11 Reasons Why Today Is Full Of Awesome

1. I successfully completed my last final. And received a B on it.

2. My Lovely Aunt sent me 47 different Christmas songs. That. I. Love.

3. I am going on a date tonight.

4. I cleaned my room.

5. While I was cleaning someone took my chair that I had placed in the hallway while said cleaning was taking place.

6. I asked the janitor who just happened to be in the hallway if he had seen or done anything dealing with said missing chair.

7. The janitor had no news or ideas as to the where being of my chair. He replied with a voice similar to Bing Crosby. I could have talked to him all day - he was that nice.

8. My friendly janitor vaccuumed my dirty rug that I had just finished sweeping because my little dirt devil is practically older than I am and doesn't pick up anything.

9. I knocked on Zach's door and he found my chair for me.

10. I ate an awesome toasted turkey sandwich.

11. I am leaving Moscow tomorrow morning until January. :)


  1. thanks for the nice comment on my blog. good luck on your date!

  2. Did the janitor wear a floppy fishing hat like Bing?


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