Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holly Jolly Christmastime

Well interwebs, I have completed my very last final of the semester. Which I received an 87.5% on, so who's to complain? This is the first semester of my college career where it appears I am passing all my classes. It's amazing.

I seriously forgot how good it felt to achieve good grades in school.

It. is. amazing. I don't care what other people say. I love getting As and Bs. *ahem* I guess that's to be expected though, but last year I was too content to just get a C in everything that I let my motivation for positive work output on the back burner and let my inner procrastinator shine through like the sun.

Not this year.

This year I was still able to procrastinate (because it's in my nature) but I got everything done that needed to be and I passed everything that was important. Which was mostly everything I did.

And now, this semester is all over. Completely finished, honey I have nothing left to do except pack up all my stuff I'll need over break. And I'm really happy about that. I'm really happy about a lot of things in my life actually.

I'm really happy that school is over for the semester.
I'm really happy that my Drawing 1 teacher (TheProf) is going to continue as my Design Processes 2 instructor.
I'm really happy that the Christmas season is upon us (although that doesn't go without the 'holy crap where did 2009 disappear to? that cheeky son of a gun).
I'm really happy that I'm going to see my SoCal familia in about a week-ish.
I'm really happy my mommy's little sister who just happens to be one of my favorite aunts sent me a whopping two CDs chalked full of good and awesome amazing Christmas music.
I'm really happy that all of my dreams that past few nights have somehow involved my father and in each dream he was always really happy and smiley.
I'm really happy Prince and I have been together for just a little over a year.
I'm really happy with the amount of people who follow (and comment) on my little bitty blog.
I'm really happy that I'm just really happy.
I'm really happy that I get to go on a date tonight with Prince Charming and we're dressing up for it. He even said he'll let me have steak tonight! mmmmmmmmmm
And I'm really happy that tomorrow morning I'm going home to Hayden so I don't have to sleep in the dorms until January.

Oh happiness, how good it is to finally know you again. The end of the semester can be so stressful.

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