Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Is A Lie

Is it really 2010? Because I remember when it was still in the 1990s and all the cool kids listened to their walkman radios and wore baggy cargo jeans.

I remember thinking to myself that I would never be a teenager, and then when I was a teen I thought I would never get to drive, or have my own car. A steady relationship wasn't even a blip on my radar screen and now I'm in one. My sister was still really little and TheKeeper had only recently passed me up in height.

I remember we lived in a white house and had a white truck. I remember when we brought our dog home. I used to climb trees and hay bales, and now I just climb stairs. I remember watching cartoons on the TV when I got home school at 3:00 - just in time for Arthur.

I remember having a crush on a boy, so all your friends would randomly ask him if he liked you and 99% of the time he would say no. Middle School heartbreak is
so dramatic! Now if all your friends randomly ask the guy you like if he likes you, he's going to assume you are completely immature and not really worth his time.

It really is amazing to look back through the years and realize how much has changed. Ten years ago things were even more different than five years ago. I mean, I can remember when my parents got cell phones. My dad had an old "brick" phone out in his truck. That thing was huge! And now cell phones are so little sometimes you have a hard time keeping track of its ever changing location.

I remember riding in a truck with only a tape deck - none of this fancy schmancy 5 disk CD changer and iPod connection cables. But I have to admit, I am not old enough to know the awesomeness that is vinyl albums. Except I will tell you that I've heard they have the best sound quality out of all of the new and "improved" things we have now. Just sayin'.

But as mind boggling as it can be for you to look back through your many years of life, how much more insane is it to try looking forward?

In five or so years I will be graduated from college, potentially with a steady job, perhaps married. That's crazy. Right now I sit and I think about how I want my future to be, but in all reality all I can really do is wait and see.

Wait and see where I end up living. Wait and see how TheSibs all turn out. Wait and see where my relationship with Prince goes. Wait and see what school I teach at. Wait and see what curve balls life cruelly throws in my direction just to see if she can hit me in the face or if I end up dodging it with whatever grace I can muster.

So, I just barely got used to 2009. In June of 2009 I had been graduated from high school for a year - something that before it actually happened I believed it was unattainable. In August of 2009 I entered my second year of college - freaky enough because I remember walking around campus my freshman year thinking that I didn't really want to be in college for three more years. It's funny how much difference a year can make. In November of 2009 I celebrated my one year anniversary with Prince Charming.

This year I will turn 20. This year I will finish my second year of college and begin my second summer at Twinlow (hopefully, lol). This year I will also enter my third year of college (scary!). This year I would like to move into my own apartment in Moscow, celebrate a second year anniversary with Prince Charming, fly to San Diego in March, and make some new friends.

What do you want to accomplish in 2010? And also are you the type of person who says two thousand ten or twenty ten? Or do you not think it matters whatsoever and you are going to refer to 2010 as whatever you feel like depending on who you're talking to, the mood you're in and how much sleep you've had?


  1. You've articulated my own (very similar) thoughts so well! I wonder if we all struggle with grasping some kind of understanding of the aging process. Maybe people think they have it figured out during childhood and their teens, but it's only in adulthood that we realize how crazy mind boggling time really is...all I know is that instead of it all making more sense as I get older, it has just gotten weirder; I turn 40 this's really screwing with my head!
    As for two thousand ten, or twenty ten...I think I'll say two thousand ten for a while out of habit, while I'd really like to say twenty ten. I have a feeling one or the other will have to catch on in media first before it'll feel 'right' either way :D

  2. I almost wish my cell was bigger.. sometimes I forget where I put it!

  3. I want to kick off a photography side business this year, which leads me to the job and my true calling.
    Hope this all will happen.

  4. Ten years ago I could not have predicted my life would be where it is now. All the things I've done. The way the world has changed. I mean, ten years ago I was in sixth grade, reading the first Harry Potter. I thought I would stay best friends with the girls I had, and now I barely talk to either one of them.

    In no way could I have guessed I would go to school in Hawaii, or New York City! Or that iPhones would exist! Crazy.
    There are lots of things I want to accomplish this year. Like maybe get a job, and enjoy life more?


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