Sunday, December 8, 2013


So last year, this happened. And this year, this happened:

me and the nathans. and also michael.
this was at the going away party for nate. he's moving to houston! booooooo
(ps. i know too many nathans. lol)

I remember the morning of the 8th I was getting out of the pick up truck Nathan was driving and anxiously walking into the Kibbie Dome. The same place where my college journey had started as a fresh faced 17 year old girl was now going to be the place where it all came to a close as well. My student career had finally come full circle.

Today I didn't get out of the pick up truck and head into the Dome, but I did eat chocolate chip pancakes and kiss Nathan goodbye as I got in my car and headed back home. This weekend went by way too quickly, and as much as I can convince myself that the weekends always go by too fast, I'm still wholly unprepared for Sundays. I found the perfect Daily Odd Compliment that explained exactly how I feel about saying goodbye:

Can I just tell you how much I love daily odd compliments? I mean, holy. They get me, those DOCs. It's rad. I would inundate you with them if I thought you'd understand just how perfectly they fit my life, but unless you're me I just don't think the right affect will be reached, you know?

Anyway. Moving on.

It's December now, right? And so it's totally appropriate for a year recap. Especially what with today being the year marker of my graduation and all. Enjoy these posts from past months of 2013.

(I always seem to have really tough starts to my years. Hopefully this trend does not continue.)

every storm runs out of rain

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  1. I can't believe all of this stuff is past... this year seems to have flown by!! But only now that it's over. Because all year I've been waiting for it to be over haha. Also, I'm glad that I know you;) and that I get to be related to you!

    Now that I'm thinking about "the past" and the fact that there's a link on the bottom of this post to an old post with one of Jim's senior photos.... (He's cute) We've imagined many times what would have transpired had I met him while we were both in highschool. It's probably good that we didn't meet in highschool... ;)


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