Saturday, October 26, 2013


It always takes me a long time to really accept that autumn is here. I like to live in denial because, hello, fall is crispy and I like things to be soft and warm. But once my tan starts to fade and it's chilly enough to break out the scarves, I actually really do like fall.

The colors of the trees, for one, are absolutely brilliant. The golden and red hues that the leaves paint themselves turn the season of autumn into a work of art. And then I end up pumpkin flavoring ALL THE THINGS. Except today I had a salted caramel hot chocolate after our photo adventure in the arboretum and that was an extremely good choice.

In the early mornings I find myself driving to work in the steamy fog that is typical of the season. Fog just makes everything eerie, and I kind of love that. Fall is a little spooky in general and the morbid girl inside of me secretly enjoys being just a little on edge.

Halloween, jack-o-laterns, bright colors, crisp air and an appropriate reason to drink apple cider all the time, if I must leave summer behind I'm glad that it's for fall. And even though someday I'd like to move away from this area, I am really glad that I live in a place where I get to experience all four seasons.


  1. Beautiful post :) And I have to guys are beautiful together. I just keep looking at the two pictures and thinking, "Wow."


  2. I say this as non-creepily as possible... but Nathan's hair looks rad in these photos. and I love how blue your eyes are next to his brown eyes:)


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