Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I have found that people are the most cranky in their early morning commutes to work or school or what have you. They are on the road, headed to their destination and their pre-coffee brains are the meanest. I have been flipped off four times in the last two weeks. When it happened again today I had a moment of self reflection.

Maybe I'm the cranky un-caffeinated driver pulling bone headed moves. But then no, that's not the case. Had the same situation happened later in the day the other driver would have reacted differently. Or not, I mean, if you're an angry driver you're an angry driver, and I would know.

I drive above the speed limit. Not obnoxiously though, but more like five over on a regular basis. I don't do 45 in a 25 or anything crazy like that. On a double lane road I will generally pass people who are on the bubble, say 33 or 34 in a 35.

And this guy was driving in the lane next to me, just behind me. He was far enough away that I could safely move into the other lane to pass the car in front of me that was going slower than I preferred to drive. So I flicked on my signal and pressed the accelerator in order to keep a safe distance so that I didn't end up cutting this other guy off.

So what does he do? He speeds up so that he's on my bumper and gives me the one finger salute. Usually I ignore that kind of response, but this being the fourth time in less than two weeks someone has flipped me the bird, I saluted him right back.

Honestly. Go drink your coffee and be a nice person.

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