Monday, November 11, 2013


The term "mutual weirdness" first made its way into my vocabulary shortly prior to the popularization of everybody's favorite Pinterest. And then once I was heavily wading through a multitude of different pin boards, mutual weirdness was everywhere. But I loved it.

I don't know anyone who is normal. In fact, every person I've ever come in contact with is weird. They have all been big, huge weirdos. Unapologetically and enthusiastically weird in every way imaginable.

When I was younger I used to think being weird was a bad thing. I would hate it when someone called me a weirdo. Sometimes it will still catch me a little off guard, but then I remind myself that this person is just as abnormal as I am so it's all good.

I was raised in a family of freaks. We all have our own little quirks and you get the lot of us together and outsiders have loads of trouble following our conversations. The four of us kids can move effortlessly from movie quotes to song lyrics to pop culture references and mostly never miss a beat, but that is a learned skill from growing up together - one that can't be taught. It's like we speak our own little language.

But if you think about it, every family is that way. You all have little inside jokes that other people will just never understand. Being mutually weird is just part of what makes family so beautiful.

And then, yeah, there's that whole thing about finding someone whose weirdness matches yours and then you join up with them in mutual weirdness. I'm pretty sure I found my mutual weirdness.


  1. This is fantastic. Like truly.
    My family is so amazingly weird. I love it so much. I can't wait to bring my mutual weirdness husband into the mix. We are a weird bunch, and it's the best thing God could have ever blessed me with :).

  2. The word that came to mind was fantastic, and I see that Alana agrees. I like this mutual weirdness stuff. Thanks to that, JMK became my best friend in like three days and nobody can have longer nonverbal conversations than Lulu and I :)

  3. Ahh, I love this :) My family actually makes up our own words...yeahh. That causes occasional confusion. We've even discussed writing a Family Dictionary for outsiders.

    Something about you and Nathan just makes me really happy. I'm trying really hard to make choices that will get me to a place that resembles where you are XD



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