Wednesday, July 17, 2013

summer after summer

Because sometimes you just need to photo-vomit all over your blog. Enjoy. 

This summer has been busy. It has been full of going here and coming there and seeing friends and laying in the sun and swimming at the beach.

Every summer since I graduated from high school has been different. The summer between graduation and starting college I spent in Germany and Utah, the next two summers I worked as a day camp counselor and the summer after that I stayed in Moscow to do some summer school. Last year I finished up two summer courses and then moved back in with my parents to start my student teaching in the fall.

It is amazing how different things are in a year. How different things will be in a year from now. How different my life will be from here on out in general. What people are in my life now, who will leave and who will stay.

This time last year I was starting my job at the theme park, spending around 12 hours a day making coffee in a small cafe with a large influx of tourists - some very particular about their caffein and others who just wanted a warm cup of joe. I had just started dating Nathan and TLily and I were scheming up grand plans for the future. I was so unsure of everything in my life at that moment. Where was I going? What did I want to do? What would the future hold for me? Who was I?

And now here I am, a year later. Graduated. Waiting to start my first year of teaching in the fall. This life is one adventure after another, never seeming to slow down, never seeming to settle into a nice groove. This life is so different from the one I was imagining last summer, and even though there are some things about it I would change, it's really not so bad.

Sometimes being a grown up is stupid and sometimes I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Wow! You certainly look you've been busy! But a fun busy =D And as a teacher you still get to enjoy summer break even after graduating!


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