Tuesday, August 6, 2013

summer shenanigans. life is fun.

I don't know what I had imagined really for this summer, but it hasn't exactly turned out at all like I thought it might. I talked dreamily about moving back to Moscow for the summer and working and hanging out with all my friends, but then that plan kind of fell through and I ended up staying home.

It's funny to me how life almost never works out the way we planned, but it always works out.

This month I'll turn 23. And if you ask me what I want for my birthday I will tell you the same thing I say every year. A big fat resounding "I don't know!" Show of hands for those shocked? Yeah, that's what I thought. No one.

But the more I think about it, money is always a good option. Art supplies too - I mean, an artist can never have too many supplies. Beyond that it's a toss up. I trust your judgement. A million dollars? You shouldn't have! (But seriously, anyone? Anyone? A million? I'll put it to good use, I promise!)

And now for the picture part of my posts, because how will you understand all my summer adventuring without visual representation? Ahem.

 view from work! what! up!
 miss megan just turn 23, exactly a month before me
we're almost birthday twinsies. it's our thing.

 nathan and i played on the rope swing at the beach
somewhere along the way i lost my boyfriend and gained a tarzan
it was awesome

we needed a good adventure so we got in the car and drove
we found this little restaurant on cda lake so we stopped for drinks
i love this guy so much
he's the funnest

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  1. Glad you've had an awesome summer with adventure to fill it up =D


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