Monday, April 6, 2009

How Awesome Am I?

Before you answer that question with a completely sarcastic "Oh Cinderella, you are the most awesome person in the world. Just. Totally. Rad." rethink that. And go with something a little softer on my bruised ego right about now? Thanks.

Bruised ego? What the heck, Cind? Get over yourself. You have NO ego!!


And right now it hurts. Hurts bad.

Right! I'm dragging this out. Move on, woman! For crying out loud!

Okay, so here's the deal about how INSANELY EPIC I am. In my hurried-packing-frantic-Belle-will-be-here-soon phase on Sunday I forgot three very important items. 1. Mouthwash. At least I remembered toothbrush and toothpaste.... 2. acne wash. well, it's not that bad right now anyway. and I still have my topical. 3. my totally awesome and completley devine venus razor. so i can have those devinely smooth pits and legs.

Well, I realized this morning I forgot the mouthwash and the acne scrub because I knew they were in the same plastic bag. But I momentarily forgot that I put the razor in that bag too instead of in my make-up kit like normal.

So I'm talking to Prince Charming on IM when I have an itch on my calf. No big deal, just casually scratch it with my fingernails that are in desperate need of a trim. Ahh! Hair! *sigh* Gross. I'll just have to shave it tonight. For whatever reason I tell this to Prince-y, who really could care less and accuses me of being random.

Then he proceeds to make fun of me for being 'hairy.' If I'm correct, he used the word sexy somewhere in there in TOTAL and COMPLETE sarcasm. Thanks Hon. And then, I realize that shaving tonight is impossible. My hands fly to my mouth and because Prince Charming likes to view me on the webcam (stalker), he notices that something just is not right.

Prince: What?

Cinderella: shoot me?

P: why?

C: my razor is in hayden!

P: ahahahahahahahahaha. Don't wear shorts.

Thanks AGAIN Prince Charming. You ROCK. Only sometimes not. KIDDING. Because he did make me laugh.

P: use the old fashioned sharpened rock and water approach

C: yeah, I'll get right on that.

So now I'll have to wait a week before I can shave anything. Unless I can con Zelda, Sleeping Beauty or Belle into graciously allowing me to jack their razor for a much needed shave? We'll see. It'll be an adventure! And we all KNOW how much I love those! :-)

Update for those who care: (which is none of you, I'm not fooled. haha) I found out the Underground has razors. So I bought one. And now I'm smooth. :-) Yay!

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