Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Whomever - Please Help

Dear Spring,

I am writing you yet another letter. You are too tricky! Taunting us Summer-Lovers with your nice warm sunshine and pleasant breezes only to find out that you are going to switch moods and dump rain on us later in the week! I beg of you to reconsider - I like the sunshine too much! Can it stay? Please? Pleeeeaaaaseee?

Just Another Summer Lover


Dear Creator of Math,

What WERE you thinking? Who in their right mind enjoys this torture!!!??? Oh that's right. No one. Because you are all a bunch of filthy left brainers. Take your numbers and get out of town. You have been rejected.

Someone Who's Going To Need A Brain Transplant After This Semester's Pathetic Excuse For A Math Class


Dear English Essay,

You are SO not my favorite. Can you write yourself and be done with it already? I'm sick of this! Teleportation is not NEAR as interesting as I would have hoped.

The Girl Who's Sick Of School



We need to have a talk. Spring is being crummy and I need your love and sunshine-y goodness. Get here ASAP.

Waiting For My Tan...


Dear Mind,

Can you make yourself up yet? Flipping and flopping like it's nobody's business. Just focus already and quit with the procrastination.



  1. Dear Cindrella,

    I love the way you write :) I am with you in the fight against Maths, though not against summer. Enjoyed reading the post.


  2. Visiting from SITS..Love this post!!

  3. Right there with you on math. My arch nemisis. Ugh.
    here from sits! welcome!

  4. Over from SITS.
    I totally agree with this post - I dispise all things wet, cold, and icy after February...
    and math sucks...

  5. Please sign my name to the "Dear Spring" and "Dear Summer" letters. Thanks.

    Welcome to SITS!


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