Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And Just Exactly WHAT Is The Burning Ball Of Gas In The Sky?

Wait? It's the sun?

Noooooooooo. You're lying.

Wait? Really?

Well, can you tell it to stop shining in my eyes and giving my heart false hopes about when exactly Spring could be on its way?


Seriously. It's January. Say it with me - all together now - jan-you-wear-eeee. January. It is not springtime. It's actually still the middle of winter.

So tell me then, why dear, dear Prince Charming was walking around outside without a jacket on and he wasn't freezing to death. Last year you couldn't even think about going outside without getting frostbite.

Last year it looked like this outside.

So tell me please, because I'm still confused. What is this sun, and why is it here so early?


  1. I don't know, but I like it! I definitely wasn't wearing a jacket today either. Just a shirt topped with a dress shirt. :)

    I enjoyed being not ridiculously clothed. Because a normal amount of clothing makes me much happier than piles of layered clothing. Because that's made of weaksauce.

  2. I saw the sun for the first time in what seemed like months last week here in Ohio. My boyfriend NEVER wears a winter coat, unless of course is sub zero temps outside. He also doesn't own a long sleeve shirt, he just always wears hoodies and a tshirt underneath!

  3. Haha, maybe you shouldn't question the nice weather and just go with it because it'll likely be gone soon! :)


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