Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Days Off

I don't have school on Fridays this semester. And today is MLK day, so that means no school either. This turned my usual three day holiday into a four day one - and let me just say right now, I really have no complaints.

Not only did I order a new-to-me cell phone because my current one decides that sometimes it would just rather shut off than work properly, but I also ordered my textbooks. I went with Zelda and Belle to the movies, and we dressed up. Blackmail picture here:

I finished one portion of my homework for Art 112. We were supposed to draw either our hand or our foot. I chose my hand, but it looks slightly disproportionate and more like maybe Frankenstein's hand than my own. For whatever reason, I can't really draw myself. I can draw other people. I can draw still lifes. I've even been known to draw a skull or two.

But for whatever reason, this hand looks for like a mental patient was turned loose with a lump of coal and a sheet of paper and told to go nuts.

Finally, yesterday morning I went to a church across the border in the nearby town of Pullman. I have to admit, I'm completely biased towards my own home church of Lake City in Hayden. I mean, yesterday morning all I really came away with was "it's better to give than to receive." Not a bad message, but perhaps a message meant for someone who is just finding their way into church doors? I don't know. Maybe I was just uncomfortable because Prince and I were sitting in the back and the door behind us were open, so I felt really exposed. And I'm short, so I couldn't hardly see over all the tall giants who decided it fit their agenda to stand in front of me and block my view from all angles.

On the plus side, the pastor was funny and his voice wasn't at all painful to my little ears. And he talked about a book he was given in Hawaii. It's called Da Jesus Book and it's a translation of the Bible into the Hawaiian language. You know like: "Da man dat give is mo good den da man dat got." It's kinda interesting.

So I'm sorry this post couldn't be more interesting, but this weekend was really just a lazy kind of relaxing watch a lot of TV and movies kind of a weekend. And needless to say, it's just what I needed.

How was your weekend?


  1. Having lived in Hawaii, it's not impossible for me to believe they've translated the bible into Hawaiian pigeon. They like to do hilarious stuff like that over there.

    My started out crazy busy, with party on Friday night, and seeing my baby cousin on Saturday. Then ended in boredom. But that's okay. I needed a break from the hectic.

  2. I love "Da man dat give is mo good den da man dat got." Very true, yet amusing to my ears. :)


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