Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of All The Days

January 20, 2009. A day that made history when the first black president officially took office. Some people say that it won't last. Some people think that Obama will be assassinated before his term is complete. Others think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think I would have rather seen McCain in office than Obama, but you can't change what's already been done.

January 20, 2009. The day that my Momma was born over 45 years ago. She is my Momma. She is a shoulder to lean on when times get tough. She is a sweet caring loving lady and life would be so different if I didn't have her. She's strong. She's independent. She raised four children. She's been married and faithful to the same man who is my awesome and amazing father for over 2o years. And she still loves him and she still loves us! I love you Mom. :-)

January 20, 2009. My Frozen Tundra. The walk to class is mostly silent, save the sound of the cars on the street and footsteps of fellow student. A few conversations linger in the frozen air and the trees are permiated in a beautiful white frost that makes their lovely branches look like contorted frosty fingers. They stand on the campus looking so majestic in their white robes and no one dare disturb them. The frost stands in spikes on the metal surfaces of railings and various other objects. It's beautiful. It's inspiring. It's somewhat poetic. It's peaceful. It's reassuring. And it's appreciated. Spring is coming, but for now I love me some frozen tundra frosty tree branch Idaho.

The interesting frost patterns cover the handlebars of this motor scooter in the tower parking lot.

Students make their way to and from class beneath the shade of frost covered trees.

Random Fact: Mothers were originally named Mama or Mommy (in many languages) because they have mammary glands.

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