Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh I'm So Mundane...

Today has been rather uneventful. I mean, it's just really been a regular day. I did go to the gym and bike for 7 miles. I also did a killer ab workout and if I'm not incredably sore tomorrow I'm going to be very disappointed! Ha, ha.

Also I got to hear M's voice today! I don't talk on the phone really, except to my mom or dad. But on IM you can 'call' people. So I got to talk to him and have his voice reply to me. It was nice. :-)

And I'm so excited about Spring Break! California here I come! Though M isn't so happy about that. But I'm going to come home tan. :-)

My wonderful grandparents who have agreed to house me and my friend Ali while we galavant through San Diego :-0


  1. haha
    ali and i leave on the 14th of March :-)

  2. Well, shoot, I can't go that day. We're having Princess M's birthday party at My Gym that afternoon.

  3. awwww
    bitter sweet

    she's so old now. :-)


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