Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Short, Sweet and To The Point

Dear Strawberry Covered Waffle,

We have met more than enough in the past two days for breakfast, and while I love the smooth buttery taste of your crispy golden flesh, I don't know how much more I can take. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to find a new breakfast companion. Don't take it personal, okay? It's not you, I promise. It's me.

Yours Truly,
The Girl Who's Stomach Needs Better Nourishment


Dear Sunshine!

I'm so glad you finally decided to show us Idaho-dwellers your beautiful face. We have missed you terribly and are happy beyond all reason that you have finally chosen to grace us with your presence. Yesterday was a nice outside-wear-your-shorts-and-run-around-barefoot kind of day and I want to personally thank you for that.

Someone Who Needs Some Brighter Days In Her Life


Dear Classes,

As the schoolyear is drawing to an end, you all are wrapping up so quickly! But there are some issues I have with you as of late. See, some of you have decided to give me outlandish projects that I'm not at all excited for, and I was wondering if you could take them back? Please reconsider the scale of your projects and talk to each other about how I only need one big project at a time.

One Who Wants To Be Lazy


Dear T.O.M.,

Go AWAY!! No one likes you and all you do is ruin a perfectly good week out of every month. You cause pain, annoyance, inconvenience and irritation. Just leave.

Someone Who Wants To Live Life Uninteruppted



  1. Your ingratitude toward fruity breakfast starch is startling. I'll trade you my low carb yogurt cup for it. ~Mary

  2. i love yogurt. :-) consider it traded! though i wouldn't call it ingratitude, just the pleasureful tastiness doesn't outweigh the upset stomach the rest of the day. lol.

  3. Poor strawberry covered waffle. I don't know that it can not take it personal. Especially after you ate it's flesh. How dare you ask such a thing.


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