Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happiness Isn't Hard To Find

Things That Make Me Smile:

-being barefoot
-hearing a song I haven't heard in a while
-country music
-the feeling of grass between my toes
-an unexpected hug
-a surprise kiss
-laying in the sunshine
-the wind in my hair
-laughing so hard I cry
-being surrounded by my friends
-quoting movies with my brother
-inside jokes
-driving around town at twilight
-walking by the lake
-flipping my dad off the tube
-jumping in the lake
-walking into a house that smells like good home cookin'
-taking pictures
-tan lines
-cute shoes
-knowing all the words to a song on the radio
-holding hands
-a soft sweatshirt
-being a dork
-coloring a picture
-playing in the backyard
-wearing sweatpants to the store
-making faces at the camera
-driving Prince-y CRAZY
-no school
-new pens

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