Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today I think was one of the first days where it has actually felt like autumn. It was windy and rainy and just downright gloomy outside, which actually pleased the dusty little corners of my soul because I just needed a gloomy day is why.

Working inside the restaurant, running back and forth, seating tables, telling servers, cleaning all the things because it's slow. I worked up the temperature of my body and my sweater was just a pinch too hot. But then I walked outside in the rain and weird cloudy dim lighting and just, I didn't ever want to go back inside again.

It was a soft rain that drizzled down from the sky in the sort of way that is just the perfect kind of rain. And the wind was blowing my bangs in my face just like so. And I wished that Nathan wasn't at work so that somebody could share that simple little moment with me so I didn't have to be alone. But he wasn't and I was and still, it was a pretty good moment.

Actually it was kind of exactly what I needed in a weird way.

I unlocked my car and sat in the driver's seat listening to the rain drops beat against the roof of my Lancer. The leaves on the trees rustled in the breeze and the clouds were this dark grey color against a grey sky and I probably could have sat there forever watching the world move around me. It was peaceful and satisfying in a way that almost makes you want to cry.

I know I'm being dramatic here, but go with it.

And then I drove to the grocery store with this insane need to buy all the things to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies but then I decided to just go home and watch Gilmore Girls instead because I didn't have "the" recipe and also, I didn't know what we had at home and I really wasn't keen on buying all the things and then having doubles of stuff I didn't really need. I mean, good grief.

So. Gilmore girls it was.

Once Nathan got back from work we went to the gym and then made breakfast for dinner, which is the best kind of dinner, and then we sat around asking ourselves just what we should be doing now. And if you're new around here, this is a constant debate.

We are always looking at each other and asking "well, what should we do now?" and then we roll our eyes because we can't ever decide on a thing to do as one of us (me) is listing off ideas and the other of us (nathan) is being frustratingly noncommittal. But this is real life and what are you gonna do?

So we dug down into our souls real deep and decided that we should go to the mall to buy some new jeans. And we ended up buying a nice pair of new jeans (on sale!) and then three sample bottles of lotion from bath and bodyworks because impulse purchases are the best? I don't know, it just felt right at the time.

And if today is any indicator of how fall is going to go, then maybe it won't be so bad after all.

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