Sunday, October 26, 2014


Sunday was a beautiful fall day and since the weather actually changed to being for autumn like, I have recently been loving putting pumpkin into ALL OF THE THINGS because what else is the reason for fall?

We had a long indian summer here in Idaho. I mean, it was 80 degrees still in the beginning of October which is basically unheard of. At that point, even though I love summer and I never want it to end, I felt like mother nature was just toying with my emotions. Like a malicious owner dangling a treat in front of a dog's nose. I knew the bad weather was coming, I just didn't know when. And trying to enjoy 80 degree October days was just like...come on and be cold already. I need to wear some sweaters.

And now that it's cold and it gets dark around six and I have been wearing the sweaters and the boots and drinking the pumpkin flavored things, I'm totally ready for my trip in December to the warm Caribbean. Can it just hurry up already?

But yes, back to the pumpkin flavored things. Right. I am working in a juice bar, in addition to the restaurant hostessing life I am leading and we have a pumpkin flavored smoothie right now that blows my mind. And it has also been making me crave some pumpkin chocolate chip flavored cookies.

My sister makes these pumpkin cookies that are delicious and amazing and I almost texted her to send me the recipe that she has at the house but then I remembered Miss Hey Natalie Jean's pumpkin cookie recipe and how she went on and on about just how amazing those ones were and well, shoot. I just had to try them.

And then I bought all the things I needed for these cookies that I didn't already have and here we are! My house smells amazing, and those cookies! Those cookies are just the absolute best pumpkin cookies I've ever eaten in my life, is what I keep saying.

I guess maybe fall isn't so bad after all.

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