Monday, October 7, 2013


I would dearly love to be asleep right now. If someone came in here and offered to take over for the rest of the day and directed me in the way of a soft bed with a fluffy pillow and some nice blankets, you can bet I'd be sound asleep in less than five minutes.

My eyelids keep doing this annoying thing where they want to stay closed, which is really non conducive to teaching. I mean, it took me forever to convince my body that getting out of bed this morning was actually a good idea. And while I was awake enough to make it to school, I just sort of ran into this wall a little after eight o'clock where i didn't really want to do anything and walking was kind of a chore. It hasn't really improved since.

I think it's because of girl things that are happening to me and the fact that I had to do some yard work yesterday (which I normally don't mind) but you know, mother nature and things. Ugh. So today I am trying to move as little as possible and kind of wishing that someone would just send me home. It's days like today where I really miss being a college student and saying "eff classes today!" if I wanted to.

Being an adult is stupid. But so it goes.

Also, today is moving day! Hooray! Confetti! Neon flashing stars! I haven't packed anything!

I can't wait for the weekend to be here.

Is it Friday yet?

No, no it's not. It's time for one point perspective lessons and developing typefaces. And then it's time to move boxes and furniture before I finally pass out around 9:30 pm because I am grandma status up in here, yo. HA.  

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