Monday, October 14, 2013


So, this weekend.

I went to Moscow to see that man who I am loving more and more and more every stinking day. And we did a bunch of super happy fun things this weekend, too. On Friday we went out and lit up the town. We started at La Casa in search of margaritas, but holy goodness everybody and their dad was waiting for a table! Yikes! So we headed towards Applebee's thinking, really, who goes to Applebee's these days... but, yeah, no such luck. We waited for what felt like an eternity before two seats at the bar opened up (which was way sooner than if we had just sat in the foyer and waited for a table. goodness). And we followed up our Applebee's time with a trip to the downtown. I don't think we were home before midnight, and shoot. Sometimes that's just what you need.

Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing. Nathan made chocolate chip pancakes and we watched old episodes of Pokemon because dang, that boy is obsessed. Subsequently I have been going around the house saying "Clefairy, clefairy, clefairy" because. Pokemon.

We wrapped up Sunday with more Pokemon episodes and cuddling on the couch. Sundays are the worst, I tell you what. I hate leaving. Nathan always says things like "so, you're just gonna stay the whole week, right?" knowing that it is both exactly what i want to do and also completely impossible. Stupid job. It's like i'm an adult or something. Weird.

And now it's back to perspective drawings, typography, photo-a-day, and ceramics. It's also the week of homecoming, so spirit days. hash tag teacherlyfe. These kids are the craziest.

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  1. Random fact: When I first started following your blog, I thought you were talking about Moscow, Russia. So yeah. Haha.


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