Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Honey, It's Cold Outside

Is it really December already?

I feel like yesterday I moved into this forsaken dormitory, only to turn around to shut the door and find myself shivering my buns off in negative degree weather sans any sign of that white flaky stuff they write songs about.

Thanksgiving break snuck up on me like Sneaky Snake going after your root beer. (Please tell me at least one of you out there caught my reference to the Tom T Hall song?)

(And apparently snuck isn't a word? It's being underlined in red. But sneaked just doesn't right to me. Call me a bad grammar user (HA!) but I'm sticking with snuck because I'm stubborn.)

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving break - because it wasn't really long enough and then it seemed to thwart motivation for school with promises of "But we only have three weeks left!" And lemme just say, motivation to do three more weeks of work is like dangling chocolate in front of my sister and then telling her she has to run a marathon in order to scarf down said chocolate like there was no tomorrow.

The DP
loves her some chocolatey treats. Doesn't matter what time of year, who made the chocolate delight, and the darker it is the better. She can be easily bribed with chocolate too - just keep that in mind if you ever find yourself on her bad side.

But November is Novemore and December has brought upon our college campus a reign of frozen terror. One can not venture out of doors without a numb sensation engulfing their entire being. One must also keep touching one's nose whilst walking to class in order to ensure that frost bite has not incurred and succeeded with leaving oneself nose-less. Because a face without a nose is just ridiculous. I mean, lets be honest.

And besides that fact that it seems 2009 has decided to be the fastest year ever, as well as this semester seemingly whirring past, it's only a matter of days before I embark on a trip to SoCal to visit with family for the occasion of the Christmas holiday.

Can I just say that it's still perfectly find to wish someone a Merry Christmas? I mean does everyone get offended when that is in fact the holiday that a majority of us intend to celebrate during this festive season? I know full well that there are other holidays during this time in which people tend to participate, but would you be offended if Christmas was your holiday of choice and someone wished you a happy Hanukkah?


Okay, so I feel like this post is slightly random and full of useless bits of fluff tied together under the assumption that December has moved in far too fast for my liking?

Oh yeah, I remember why I started this post.

My family already put up their tree! With out me! Oy! It doesn't feel like it's far enough into December to be putting up a tree.

I feel kind of left out.

But on the plus side, I think I've called my mom on the telephone at least once every day since I've been back at school. It's turning into a daily ritual. And since Tues. and Thurs. I walk home from the coffee shop sans company, it's nice to talk to her while my legs move back and forth trying to transport my torso back to my room while also not falling off at the hips because they are so numb...

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