Monday, December 7, 2009

Mysterious Inside and Outside

For my ART 111 class we are supposed to have an outside assignment to include with our final portfolios on Thursday.

The requirements for this drawing were that we had to include an interior, an exterior and some form of mystery.

At first I was stumped.

And I stared at my piece of paper, holding my charcoal stick, not knowing what the heck I was doing there on the floor of my room.

But then I thought about drawing a person. Because people have interiors and exteriors, right?


So then I thought about our insides. I didn't really want to draw blood and guts, so I went deeper than our muscle masses to that white hard hallow strong stuff we also know as bones. I also thought that mirrors can be mysterious. Especially because you can have trick mirrors that show how things aren't always what they seem.

And I figured it would be kind of freaky for a person to look into a mirror and see their interior.

However, when I brought my prized drawing to class, I loathed the girl in my drawing. I didn't like her profile. She was hard to draw and she wasn't really facing the mirror. I was annoyed that she hadn't been drawn how I wanted her to be. Besides that, people thought my drawing was a bit too....morbid.

Instead of looking at the picture and seeing in the interior/exterior portion first, they saw an image of mortality.

So it was decided that I should rid the picture of her profiled face and replace it with something else. So I kept the interior/exterior aspect of the background by including the blanket (an item commonly found inside households) and the trees (items commonly found outside households).

The skull was kept to keep an air of mystery about the whole project. It engages the viewer because when you look into the mirror, that skull is looking back at you. Kind of freaky, right?


What do you think? Should I name him? I mean, he is kinda cute. :)

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