Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturdays, Schmaturdays

I'm feeling slightly icky today. Which is really a shame because it's a saturday and I should be out galavanting around the community wreaking all sorts of teenage college student havoc. But instead I'm holed up in my dorm room by myself drawing the ceiling and facebooking. Oh yeah, and now I'm blogging.

But even though today has been a mostly relaxing day because I haven't done much of anything, it seems as though there are a bunch of things that are just rubbing me the wrong way. I suppose you could insert the terms "drives me up a wall" and "frosts me" so that when you ask where I am, the appropriate response would be "she's an icecycle hanging from the ceiling."

What exactly has annoyed me today, you ask? Oh you don't really want to know? Well I suppose I can tell you anyway. Since I'm feeling icky and it's my blog - so I guess you just have to put up with my slightly cynical demeanor today. I'd apologize, but I'm not really sorry. :)

Anywho, the list:
  • When the stereo three doors down from me plays their music so loud that all I can hear is the thumping base so I can't concentrate on drawing the ceiling.
  • When I'm doing laundry and people who were previously inside the laundry room forget about their clothes so that ALL the washers are taken along with ALL the dryers, so I'm forced to remove YOUR clothes before I can wash MY clothes because you are neglectful. I hope your clothes form a revolt against your forgetfulness.
  • When people say they are going to do something and then don't do it. Story of my life. It's sad because when people actually do something they said they were going to do, I'm surprised.
  • When Prince and I have a day of bad communication. Or really when I have poor communication with anyone. It just seems like a whole bunch of little tiffs that don't really mean anything, but when you've been having them all day they take a toll.
  • When teachers explain how to do a project, but they tell you how to do it wrong. Then you have to figure out how it really works.
  • Period cramps. 'Nuff said.
  • Headaches.
  • More than one type of noise at a time. I can't listen to two different songs at once. I can't have the TV and music going at the same time and I can't listen to my headphones to fight for freedom from the oppression of multiple sounds. Hence the reason I have my own room.

Things I Appreciate:

  • Blackberry White Chocolate Mochas - iced.
  • Soft music.
  • Sleeping in late and waking up rested.
  • Silence. VERY appreciated when I have a headache. VERY.
  • Watching movies with people. Any sort of people that I like or that like me. People make movies funny.
  • When Prince's suite mate puts on 'mood music' and dances around like a total retard. He totally makes my day when he does that.
  • Going to the gym and running a few miles. Though I don't know if I'll do that today - even though it might help me feel better.
  • Compliments. I like those because they reassure me that I really don't suck as bad as I think I do. Ha, ha. Maybe that makes me sound conceited? Don't know. But I like affirmations and quality time and physical touch.
  • Hugs and kisses when I need them most - and also ones when I'm not expecting them.
  • When people play with my hair. I can't begin to describe how many points that will give someone. Somewhere in the ballpark of a bajillion and eighty three. I'm dead serious.
  • Blogging. And when I find I have new followers! Or new comments. I love those. I always enjoy the ones from Kendra because she seems to comment on practically all of my posts. I feel bad because I hardly leave her comments - but part of it is the fact that I really just don't know what to say. I'm not that great at making friends.

And also some of you may have noticed the new blog title and background. Thoughts? I rather like it, honestly.

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