Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Been A While

Hello Bloggers!!!!

I have missed you all. And I'm glad to be writing because I've been missing it sorely. I'm home for a couple days from camp - and the reason for that isn't so great, but the time I've been away at camp has been better than I ever hoped it would be.

Working with kids is awesome.

There are some that are teacher's pets, there are some that are tattle tails, there are some that are so sweet you don't want to ever let them go and there are some that you could do without, but you love them all. The little boys I work with are so adorably awesome that I just want to keep them with me all the time.

And I'm making great friends with the staff at Twinlow. I swear I'm starting to become better friends with the girls that I live with than I could ever have been with Belle or Ariel or Sleeping Beauty or Zelda. (Even though I still love all of them too :-) )

But it seems lately (and by lately I mean within the past week) that a lot of stressors have come into play. Because I hated going to school so much last semester, I let my grades suffer until I decided to switch majors and get my motivation back. However, it wasn't in time for me to pull my grades up, and now I've lost all my financial aid for next semester.

Apparently I have to write an appeal letter to the financial aid office to see if I can reason with them to get my financial aid back. Since my major's been switched, I really would like to be at school now. I want to go. I hope I can just make a really convincing argument so they'll be happy to still give me money that I need so desperately. Alternatives are live at home and go to school here, and not that I don't like my house, I just really want to be away at school. It's a me thing I suppose.

But I didn't find this out until Thursday when my mom took me to the doctor because for the last week I've had abdomenal cramping. At first I thought it was related to TOM - but when TOM left, I still had that icky achey feeling, and sometimes it would be really sharp too. It's so bad sometimes that I can't stand up straight because I just have this really tight feeling in my lower abdomen.

My doctor thinks I have an ovarian cyst, so I have an ultrasound this morning for confirmation of the cyrst and I'm chugging half my weight in water to fill my bladder up. Oh joy. But I have to admit that all of my co-workers are happy that I finally went to the doctor. It amazes me how close we all seem to have become.

But I must say, the thing to do among the Twinlow staff is quote Robin Hood: Men In Tights. If you haven't seen it, watch it. It's full of awesome quotes. Plus it has Carry Elwes and I just plain think he's cute. :)

Well, it's time for me to start getting reading to leave the house for my appointment. I'll be home until Sunday afternoon and then it's back to camp for a week. Hope all of you are having an awesome summer!

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  1. Ooh, hope you're okay! Lol, you seem so nice and calm about everything. I would be freaking out about the cyst, but that's just me. I freak out easily :)

    I hope you get your financial aid back!! I'll be praying. We'll see what God can do!

    What did you switch your major to?


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