Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun? Or Something Sort Of Like It

So it turns out that I have to wait two weeks to see the doctor again, and in the mean time I need to write a letter of appeal for my financial aid situation and fill out scholarships until they are coming out my ears.

My doctor told me that I probably have an ovarian cyst and that she'll know more on Monday after she speaks with the other doctors in her firm.

But I've decided that I hate ultrasounds and I never want to be pregnant because I hate the feeling of having to pee all the time, and then going to an appointment to have a technician push on my already over full bladder. That my dear Watson, is torture.

Mom told me I'll change my tune when I'm older, and she's probably right. However, for now, I'm not in the market to produce offspring. Which is a good thing, since I'm not married and if I ever did get pregnant when I wasn't married my dad would probably kill Prince Charming. It's understandable. But we don't do anything, so there's nothing to worry about.

Anyway, moving on to different subjects I got to spend time with my amazing friend Ariel. We spent a few much needed catching up hours together before she left me for a Shocks game in Spokane. Ha, ha. It was nice to see her and talk with her about things that only she and I understand. Besides that we are both comical and entertain each other beyond all reason, so we practically spend the entire day laughing at one another. It. is. awesome. You really have no idea. :)

AND some of the best news is that The Keeper purchased an Xbox 360 yesterday along with Halo 3, and then he promptly put me in a game while never having played an Xbox before. He decided to kill me at any point he could as initiation into the game. Thanks a bunch bro. Much appreciated. See if I ever play with you again.

Okay, so that might be kind of a lie because I'm incredably competitive and know that I will indeed play halo three with him in the near and distant futures. Oh boy.

Well, the parents seem to have returned from fishing? Don't know for sure, but I'm off to get some breakfast anyway. :)

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  1. Lol, the video game thing sounds kind of like the time my "little brother" (not really, but close) decided to teach me how to play Pokemon. He went through the deck and gave me all the bad cards and him all the good cards, all the while reassuring me that this was how you play. Lol, I was so gullible :)


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