Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Still A Rockstar

It seems as though lately I haven't really felt like I've done anything worth mentioning - although I assure you this is probably not the case because I am a very important and influencial person. *ahem* Okay, so that may or may not be true, but I'll leave it up to you all to decide.

We've discovered that since our Gopher Adventure, it was actually a marmot and NOT a gopher. Farther investigation is in persuit to figure out exactly where the vermin came from. Several theories are in circulation. Further bulletins as events warrant.

My room has gone from post-tornado-disaster-area to spick-and-span-do-people-actually-live-in-this-room-amazingly-clean. DP and I have come away with beyond a reasonable amount of trash sacks and a box of clothes for my cousin along with a box of clothes for donations. Also we have recently discovered that our vaccuum is CRAP and is really too lazy to even pick up hair off of the floor. Thus DP and I were reduced to cleaning the floor with our hands so that her nasty long strands of brown hair wouldn't choke our toes if we decided to wander around the room bare foot.

Unfortunately the awesomly epic and amazing vaccuum I would LOVE to purchase for my mother costs about 500 dollars. Sorry mom, but I'm a poor college student and if I had an extra 500 laying around I would be spending it on text books...*ahem* I'm sure you can understand my plight.

Princey and I took our dogs to Tubbs Hill yesterday for some much needed exercise. My old grandma geezer deaf and blind dog joyous youthful radiant puppy made the treck to the beachy spot Prince Charming and I found and then proceeded to swim around and scratch herself on some nearby pine trees for the better part of an hour. Prince's dog was content with chasing sticks and repeatedly dove into the cold lake water to retrieve the drift wood time and time again. She was, needless to say, very entertaining. And by the time the hour was over, my pant legs were soaked on the bottom and my feet had become used to the freezing lake water. :)

Today it's packing and paperwork and useless bits of fluff before I take off tomorrow as a Day Camp Counsilor at Twinlow for the remainder of the summer. :) So it's probably going to be a while before I post again. 1, because I am gone for the first two weeks at camp to get CPR and First Aid certified. 2, the weekend after that we are going camping. and 3, I don't think I'll have time to post during camp weeks.

But the next weekend I'm home I'm sure I'll have lots of wonderful anecdotes to bring to all of your ever curious eyes. :) Until then readers, until then.


  1. Have a great camping time!

  2. Come over and play the game I tagged you in! And can I just say,I love Give me your eyes by Brandon Heath!!!!


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