Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gopher It

So yesterday I babysat Princess M and we had all sorts of fun playing around the house and doing Princess-y things like playing dolls, making up stories, watching Blue's Clues, and being the awesome cousins that we are. :) My aunt and uncle were out partying like it was 1999 celebrating their 10 year wedding aniversary, and weren't home until late. So I ended up spending the night instead of having to drive all the way home from Spokane at 10:30 at night. I was introduced to GF waffles this morning - and they are delicious. To top it off, the waffles were 'Cinderella' waffles (because of the design on the waffle iron), so they were just all the more delicous. :) Yum.

I got back to my house around noon-ish and found my brother and dad working in the front yard, and my mom was in the kitchen making a pie. A lot of my friends graduated high school last night, so we were making a pie for one of the grads that was in track with me and soccer with The Keeper. I chatted with mom for a while and then went to shower. After the hot, much needed shower I went into my bedroom to put on clean clothes.

That's when I heard it.

This chirping noise sounded like it was right outside my window. I thought it was a bird, but I couldn't see anything outside the window, so I just ignored it. I had just pulled a shirt over my head when my brother knocks on the door. He comes into the room to ask me about seeing the new movie Up later tonight with a bunch of friends.

We hear my dad yell my mom's name a few times and The Keeper tells Dad that Mom's in the bathroom. So The Keeper goes in Mom's stead, and when she emerges from the bathroom I told her Dad was looking for her. So she heads out to the garage where the Keeper and my father have disappeared to.

Being the curious girl that I am, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So I step out into the garage and I hear it again. That ridiculous chirping noise. But this time it's really loud. I look up into the rafters to see if there's a bird caught up there. Nothing.

My dad is holding a rake, and The Keeper and my mother are looking up underneath the trailer. Apparently a gopher has taken to wreaking havoc about the side of the garage and my father and The Keeper are working on getting it out of there. I dart back inside and slip on my shoes.

When I get back out to the side of the garage, my brother has found a long stick and is poking and prodding around to find where this thing has taken cover. Dad comes back around the trailer and I head on over to where The Keeper is standing with his large beating stick. The Keeper goes between the side of the trailer and the side of the garage.

Getting down on my hands and knees I see the tail of this rodent right by the rear tire of the trailer. I yell to The Keeper and he jams that stick up towards the gopher to scare it out of hiding. No such luck. That darned gopher jumps from one side of the trailer to the other. I'm still on my hands and knees watching the spectacle from behind the trailer as The Keeper pokes his stick in the rodent's face. The gopher falls from the axle of the trailer and darts out toward where my mother is standing between the tongue of the trailer and my dad's large blue dodge ram. This gopher is booking it.

She shrieks and this vermin runs underneath Dad's truck and tucks himself up underneath the spare tire on the bottom of the truck. Mom's idea is to get the hose and squirt the sucker out of there, but Dad hops in the front seat and takes off down the road while the Keeper follows him carrying this stick in case the gopher hops back out. What a sight. I ran to grab my camera, but I was too late and they were already down the road.

Dad drove to the nearby elementary school where the gopher was 'disposed of.' What an eventful day and it's not even over yet.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to straighten my hair and put on some make up so I can be ready for whatever the rest of the day has planned for me... :)


  1. LOL! That *is* an exciting day! Fun story, too :) And I hope things get worked out with you and Prince (last post).

  2. I now totally know who to call when I need back-up for the marmot situation . . . (and it's not your mother, screamin' like a banshee . . . )

    I'm still laughing.

  3. Hey, come to think of it, are you sure that was a gopher, or was it a marmot?

    Heeeyyyy, did it ride home from here underneath your truck? Stranger things have happened . . . (if it did, can you come back tomorrow and get another one?)


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