Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Putting It Mildly

Today started off as one of those days you just know you're going to hate. I saw it coming last night when a storm of impending doom lurked over the campus in a lets-rain-like-cats-and-dogs-like-theres-no-tomorrow kind of DEATH STORM that caused me to slam my window shut even though the heater is on my room making it devlishly hot. *sigh*

It did spur me on to find Eddie Rabbitt's hit song "I Love A Rainy Night" on playlist.com and add it to my music on the blog. However, Eddie had me loving my rainy night and expecting to wake up to a sunny day.

Did. Not. Happen.

Hence my death glare at the soaked world this morning at 7 when I woke up still dog tired. Yay.

It was the kind of morning where the bottom of your pantlegs are going to be soaked unless you hike them up like Steve Urkle. Unfortunately I had no suspenders, so I was forced to walk around with wet pantlegs.

It was also the kind of morning where you look out the window right before you have to leave and think to yourself "oh, it's not too bad. just a drizzle" and by the time you actually make it out the door you're wishing you had an umbrella, three waterproof jackets and a sudden email cancelation of your class.

It rained non stop all morning.

By the time my Psych 101 class rolls around, I'm not excited to trudge back through the lake sized puddles that have sporadically placed themselves around campus. But I make it across the wet lawn and down the flooded sidewalks to my class for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Then I exit the building to sunshine.


Okay, so it's a little windy too and I don't know exactly if the rain is going to come back or if maybe Mother Nature will decide to spit snow on our little town, but hey! The sun was shining! Instant. Self. Esteem. Boost.

And I got a new vandal card so I can eat and do laundry and get back into my building again. Yay!

Interesting Fact: People born in '59 are 50 years old this year, while people born in '50 are 59 years old this year. Oh the things I think up in Psych class...


  1. LOL, I remember HATING rainy days on campus! Of course, that was a million years ago for me;)

    Thanks for your kind post on my son. It's just a constant struggle to keep him on the straight and narrow, yet allowing him the freedom to make his own decisions...yeah, not easy at all!

  2. So glad the sunshine found you at last, even if it was accompanied by wind.

  3. Yeah, let's just take something so important away from those who are defending our country, that's a smart idea! (*dripping sarcasm here*)

  4. Ugh, rain is the worst, unless it's a quick thunder storm. LOVE THOSE. But just rain sucks. And I love that interesting fact, lol! I think about stuff like that, too.


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