Monday, May 4, 2009

In The Event Of Dinner

Sleeping Beauty is across the table from me. Belle is to my left and Zelda is to my right. We are at Bob's. Eating dinner. At Bob's.

Zelda is going off of no sleep in over 24 hours. Belle and Sleeping Beauty are sick. We are all in a goofy mood. And the four of us in a goofy mood = wierd conversations that normal people just won't be able to comprehend, understand, or feel like they even remotely grasp the vast concepts we are explaining to one another. Nor can any normal person match our insane capacity to be very whitty on subjects we know just enough about to be dangerous.

Like states.

Idaho, Montana and Wyoming in particular.

You see, we are all good down home Idaho girls. We hail from the panhandle. We think that people from Boise are generally stuck up. Classic North vs. South mind set. But we totally rock - I'm telling you.

You see, we LOVE that people all around the world know where Idaho is, but people from our own country don't. Among our favorite questions we've been asked about our home state are as follows:

"Do you have malls in Idaho?"

"Do you guys get the same movies we do?"

"'re from Iowa?"

" guys have a lot of potatoes, right?"

Well actually, most of the potatoes are grown in southern Idaho and up here in the north we get our potatoes from Washington. We're NOT from Iowa - that's not even IN the pacific northwest. And yes, we get the same movies as everyone else in the USA. We're not a foreign country - I promise. We also have malls. They are not as big as yours, nor as famous. And nor do we get the big department stores like Nordstroms, etc. But we DO have malls. And trust me, on a Saturday afternoon when the weather sucks, that's where you'll find us.

We moved on from our hate of non-Idahoans dumb questions to the state borders. The Keeper told me that the guy who charted the state borders outlined the wrong mountain range and Idaho should actually be a lot more square. Well, that launched Sleeping Beauty into a tale about how they were going to make Yellowstone into one state instead of having it devided, but everyone down there threw a hissy fit.

I told you. We know just enough to be dangerous. Doesn't mean we have ALL the facts.

Anyway, we were pretending to each be a different part of Yellowstone. We were having an argument about policies within the park. Sleeping Beauty was talking as if one state owned more of the park than other states, so she would have more of a say in a vote.

So Zelda says she has more wolves.

And Belle has more Buffalo. Or as we laughed about - Flufflebo.

Our solution in an arugment against Sleeping Beauty and her eternal reign over Yellowstone National Park? RELEASE THE WOLVES!! And then Belle chimed in. SAVE THE FLUFFLEBO!!!!


We are awesome.

We know.

Then after dinner we were headed into the elevator to go back to our respective dorm rooms. Belle got in the elevator first and Zelda nearly charged her. But Belle didn't know it was Zelda at first and she was about to turn around and be like "DUDE! Why are you in such a hurry to get in the elevator? It's not GOING ANYWHERE!"

We just all about DIED laughing.

My friends rock.

Like seriously.

You're jealous.

End of story. :-)

Dear Montana,
Suck it.
Love, Wyoming.


  1. Haha, the Idaho questions sound a lot like typical "homeschooler" questions, lol! So annoying.

    Love your blog! And I LOVE the whole flufflebo thing. Hilarious! :)

  2. Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello! I hope you are having a great day! Now I'm off to enjoy your blog:) Hugs, Sandy

  3. Hope your having fun at class:)

  4. LOVED this post! I'm from southern Idaho, CHUBBUCK, to be exact :) I always get the same questions. When I was in junior high I met someone that asked "Do you guys have electricity?" DUH


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