Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Love Love...and art

It's Wednesday night. I have two classes left to attend and three finals to study for over the weekend. My head hurts. My eyes are sore. I don't want to do anything. I'm sitting here in my dorm room like a lazy slob surfing the web and being down right boring.

But on the bright side I learned some interesting things at work today. Like really awesome things that I'm excited about.

My co-worker and I are in the same Art 111 class next semester. So we will get to draw together on a regular basis which is QUITE exciting. She is really amazing, amusing and ridiculously awesome so I'm excited to be sharing a class with her. She's going to be a senior in a class full of mostly freshman which will make her feel awesome, but she'll get to hang with me for a few hours outside of work which will be a total and complete BLAST. Yeah. I know! It's exciting.

AND my lead at work is an art major and she is finishing up her art ed degree, which I did not know she was studying the same thing I just switched to. Turns out I'm a lot more connected in this major that I originally planned. Thank you Jesus - just a sign this was mean to be.

Anyway, she told me that she was just finishing up her education requirements and that teachers with special ed qualifications are more likely to get hired. So that's something to think about. Special Ed teachers are in demand and if you can teach art to special ed students, well then you're just a gem. But I don't really know if I exactly want to teach special needs students. I know that's a lot harder than teaching 'average' students. And I suppose it's potentially more rewarding when you see the ones who are struggling the most make the biggest leaps and bounds. But it gives me something to think about - something more to ponder as a potential future option.

But the weather's been nasty today and I feel lazy. It's just one of those extremely blah days where nothing sounds interesting. And I miss Prince Charming. If he was here with me it would be one of those days where I would just curl up next to him and watch TV or nap. And he would stroke my hair. Ha, ha. Okay, maybe he wouldn't, but I wouldn't stop him if he did. I love having my hair played with. I always have. Ask my mom. I don't know why, but it's just comforting to me. Whatevs. I'm cool. :-)

And I haven't seen Sleeping Beauty all day. Oh, and I found out Belle is missing MORE school for Beast. I don't know WHAT Belle thinks about missing all this school, but she just succeeds in making me angry. I don't know how much longer I actually want to be friends with her...*heavy sigh*

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