Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Sweet Song, It's Been A Long Time

Things that make me laugh and smile:
- a good song
- a old story
- a fireplace on a rainy day
- laying on the lawn in the summer sunshine where you can smell the fresh cut grass and a cool breeze gently caresses your skin
- a mother's hug
- an unexpected kiss
- the moment when you catch your reflection in a mirror and are either apalled or pleased with your appearance
- the innocence in a young child's eyes
- dancing when no one is watching
- a funny joke
- Prince Charming's smile
- seeing someone that you haven't seen in a while
- a good movie
- the words "i love you"
- pictures
- how you feel after you helped someone who needed it
- when you finally understand what someone or something means
- that moment that you embrace someone you've missed terribly
- surprises
- winning a game of tic tac toe
- sand between my toes on a hot summer day
- holding my own while we're tubing on the lake
- having an interesting conversation
- being silly
- quoting movies, songs, bumper stickers, and icons
- being sunburned
- driving at twilight with the windows of the car all the way down and the music blaring while you sing loudly and out of tune with the radio
- driving during the day doing the same thing
- being barefoot
- reading a good book
- hot chocolate
- dancing with no music
- silence
- the feeling after I come home from the gym after a hard work out
- not caring about something that isn't important
- the light feeling you get when it feels like everything is going your way
- the list goes on...

Things that make me cry:
- a sad song
- the sweet things that people do
- sad movies
- losing friends
- when something's gone wrong and you feel like there's no way you can fix it
- my mother's caring voice when i've had a bad day
- feeling alone
- feeling replaced
- feeling forgotten
- laughing because something is JUST THAT FUNNY that it squeezes out your tears
- memories, happy and sad
- driving away from something that once meant to much
- frustration at life
- when you get that intense feeling of knowing that people really do love you and care about you
- thinking everything is horrible and then realizing that it's going to be okay
- when people over come obstacles
- when characters in movies die
- the kind of writing that is so good you can feel what the character feels and empathize/sympathize with them
- a beautiful dance, gesture or movement
- math tests
- the list goes on...


  1. Superb lists! I'm a big softy for people overcoming obstacles too! Maybe cause it's the story of my son's life.

  2. Things that make me laugh - N's blog.

    Things that make me cry - N's blog.

    Keep writing, Sweetie - you're awesome.

  3. Great list! Sweet blog.
    Happy Monday!


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