Friday, February 27, 2009


Okay so my dad emails me today about how the fam is going to start reading the book of James in the Bible. He feels like its something that God has placed on his heart. Well, when I was participating in a small group while I was still in high school - we did this. We went through the book of James chapter by chapter week by week. Dad says that on Thursday nights is when they'll gather the family around and discuss that week's chapter assignment. What a positively wonderful idea.

Sooooo, now here is MY positively wonderful idea! I'm going to do my blog on Thursdays about the chapter in the Bible that I read. As long as my family in Hayden is going throught James, I'm going to do to do the same thing on here. My dad is an avid reader of my blog and so this could really help me dig deeper into my all too limited understanding of the God-breathed scriptures. And maybe it will get some questions going in your heads too - even though I don't know how many of you actually read my posts on a regular basis. Perhaps this will sway you to at least read every Thursday.

Oh goodness and now I'm all excited!! I just want it to be Thursday! Maybe I get a little too excited a little too easily? No way. Ha, ha, ha. Anywho, have a great Friday night.


  1. This is a grand idea. Looking forward to a Thursday post!

  2. Oh, I'm excited. Awesome idea. I'll be here!


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