Friday, February 27, 2009

Letters of Boredom On A Friday Night

Dear Monday,

Hurry up and get here and bring my boyfriend with you. I miss him terribly. And also I want to watch the new Jon and Kate Plus 8 episode.


The Lonely Damsel In Distress


Dear Prince Charming,

I hope Hawaii is kind and good and all you were hoping it to be. Because I'm fairly certain you've fallen in love with the state and forgot about me! Never again are we going a week without talking to each other. Too many times I've wanted to talk with you and I can't!

Love With All My Heart,


Dear MTV,

Stop with all the reality TV shows about finding 'true love.' They never work and they are boring and repetitive. Find something else to exploit.

A Fed Up College Girl With Nothing But Time On Her Hands


Dear Dad,

Thanks for all your advice and care and love these past couple days. And thanks for dinner on Thursday. Ravioli never tasted so good. Ha, ha. Well, okay actually I've had better ravioli, but the company was excellent. I hope my brother enjoys the tele before I have to take it back from him next August.

The Best Daughter Ever


Dear Spring,

I am tired of winter. Hurry up.

Someone Who Wants To Be Tan

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