Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Some Thoughts At The End Of The Day

Being in college has opened up a new part of me that I didn't really know even existed. But I suppose that everyone goes through experiences in life that shape them as a human being. My life goes through bouts of drama along with lulls of okay-ness. But to me, it's really never dull. I mean sometimes I can be boring, so occasionally I'll feel as though I have nothing to write about really, but in reality - there's always something I can say. I think maybe part of that is the invisible writer that I have living deep in my soul.

My life is far less complicated than other people's lives, and sometimes I have to admit I feel inadequate to have my own blog. But this place is like a haven for my poor 'tortured' mind. I just write what goes on, I just write what I feel and I try to make it as interesting as possible. Like this thing I'm going through with Belle right now. Interesting? Possibly. Entertaining? Mildly. Real? Always. Biased? Well, it is really only my side of the story, so I suppose that you don't have all the facts. On the flip side however, I'm trying very hard NOT to put all the blame on Belle, because it's not all her fault. We've been thrown into this situation and we could BOTH be a lot more mature about how it's being handled - but we are only 18 and so being mature right is kind of a struggle. Especially when we both are stubborn. I could list all of the faults that I find in her, but what good does that really do? Other than it gets it out of my head. But who wants to read that?? Really. Be honest. You don't care about all the negative that I have to say about her.

So here are some positive things that I like about my roommate:
- She has a sense of humor that I really appreciate. If she's not being perverted about something, she actually can be quite humorous and entertaining.
- She's always had my back up til now. We used to lean on each other all the time, but now it's just different.
- She cleans the hair out of my brush for me and out of the vaccuum cleaner, because if I try to do that, I'll gag. Pathetic, I know. You can laugh, it's okay.
- She drives me places.
- She has her own opinions and isn't scared to defend them.
- She's a great photographer.
- She's never at a loss for words.
- Music is her talent, and boy is she skilled.
- Her sewing skills are off the charts. I love the purple pillow that she made for me.
- She really does care somewhere deep down inside herself about me.

*deep breath*

Life may not always be peachy keen and rainbows and butterflies, but there's ALWAYS something positive. Some days you just have to search harder, dig deeper and look longer to find it and some days it's right there wham bam in your face exciting. Some may ask if the glass is half full and some may ask if the glass is half empty - but me? I just wonder who the heck is drinking my lemonade.

College has also opened up other parts of my life. Like late night grocery store runs. Or I suppose, in my case it would be early morning. I've mentioned before about us girls hitting up WinCo at 1 in the morning, but today I went to the store at 4 in the morning. I couldn't believe I'd done it either - but somehow I'd got roped into going and before I could protest I was in jeans, shoes and a thick jacket outside headed to WinCo. And it was fun! Sure, it probably wasn't the smartest move we could have made because at 4 in the morning people should be asleep, but really! It was an adventure. I love adventures! Everything is an adventure!

I'm not going to stay up near as late tonight though. I needs my beauty sleep so I can keep on looking half way presentable to the rest of the world. And I am currently hooked on the movie PS I Love You. The songs on my player? All from the soundtrack. If someone wanted to buy it for me I wouldn't protest... Ha ha ha. No, don't do it, it's unnecessary. :-)

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  1. Your life is less complicated & you feel inadequate to have a blog? I think less compicated postings can be a blessing after a while :-. At times we make things too complicated. ~Mary


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