Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Chocolate

Last night around midnight one of the boys comes into my room. (Let's stick with the whole royal castle theme I've suddenly got going on here and refer to all the boys in the hall as Knights In Shining Armor. Knights go by Sir? Right? So this one will be Sir Justice because he's majoring in something to do with Justice.) So, moving right along, Sir Justice walks into my room and explains that he has not eaten all day and is in fact very hungry. He talks about going to McDonald's - but it's so late that only the drive-thru is open and he doesn't have a car. McDonald's isn't fond of people walking through the drive-thru either. He decides that he is going to go to WinCo because they are open 24 hours. I tell him he should bring me a chocolate muffin because all this talk about food has got me hungry as well.

Sir Justice leaves and I roll over on my bed. The light is on, I have Tyler in my arms and I'm reading Calvin & Hobbes. It's a little after midnight, I tire from my book, so I just am laying on my bed with my eyes shut. I'm thinking about Prince Charming and a few other people and I keep wishing that I just had someone there to talk to me. I guess I fell asleep because when I woke up this morning, my door was shut and my light was off.

Not long after my eyes open, Sir Justice walks into my room with a chocolate muffin! "Cute," he says. "What?" I ask. He hands me the chocolate muffin and says, "I was going to give this to you last night, but you fell asleep. So I closed your door and turned off your light." (How sweet!) But Sir Justice's problem is that he does things that are incredably sweet and then follows it up with something that makes you want to hate him. So it will be interesting to see what he does to me later today. Ha, ha.

So I finished my chocolate muffin, and I'm still laying on my bed exploring the interwebs and reading other people's blogs. Also I've got my PS I Love You playlist going. I watched the movie again last night. Cry everytime! Can you SAY obsessed? Okay, okay, so I'll get over it. I could walk away at any time I wanted...I just don't want to. Yet. *huge grin*

1 comment:

  1. Wish I had me a Sir Justice right about now. All that talk of chocolate muffins and McD's has me craving food. *SIGH*


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