Monday, March 2, 2009

Breathing Room

Today was...eventful to say the least. I had class at 8 AM in the Library for my English 102 class. We're doing our 4th essay that has to be between 7-10 pages. (Shoot me?) My paper is about teleportation. I know! Weird. Whatever. Don't judge me. It has to be about some sort of technology that hasn't been developed yet, or improvment upon something that does exist. *sigh* I'll get through it...

And then after my dance class I went to the housing office on 2nd floor. I had decided over the weekend that I was going to move down the hall and into a single room, so today I made it happen. Now here I sit, in my own room - slightly lonely - and with a plethora of empty space. I love it!

Belle is kind of upset though, but she won't admit it to me. If we have any problem, it's serious lack of communication. And neither of us really know how to fix it without making the other one angry. But contrary to popular belief, we still like each other. I just can't believe that I'm actually out of the room now. It's crazy. I have most of my things in here - just really my awesome blue rug is still in Belle's room. But really? This space is nice. There's really only two months of school left, but I think this is worth it.

And to top it ALL off, Prince Charming is back in town! I missed him way too much, truth be told. But I'm headed back up north for the weekend, so then I'll get to see him before I leave on my spring break trip to San Diego the weekend after.

Moving in, the Knights in Shining Armor helped a lot. I mean, I brought in all my stuff, but Sir Veracious took the top bunk off my bed and now I just have one bed, twin sized and beautiful. Sir Justice brought me yet another chocolate muffin. And Sir Confidence brought some tennis balls for Sir Justice to cut and place on these metal pieces that stick out of my bed so that I don't cut my head open and die. Because you would all be sad if I died - admit it! Ha, ha.

Sir Veracious is also letting me use his tele and his extra cable. I am indeed cared for very well on this floor. Really the only thing I'm missing is a mini fridge. But Belle will probably still let me use hers. Anyway, it's time for bed. My eyes are ready to close on me. I'll talk to all you interwebs tomorrow. :-)

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  1. I'm so proud of you!!! Answer to prayer, seriously. Text away if you're ever feeling lonely, but I really doubt my popular little niece is going to have time to get lonely. :) Love you!


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