Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Feels Like Friday

1. It's not all about you.

2. Missing someone doesn't give you the right to be mean to them.

3. Sometimes your best friends shut you out because they care too much about you to let you be disappointed in them.

4. Dogs will always love you, no matter what.

5. Things happen for a reason. No exceptions.

6. Jesus LOVES me, even when I don't exactly love myself.

7. No matter how bad your situation, people will always care about you enough to help. Sometimes these people don't even know you.

8. Keeping everything bottled up inside you is worse than just telling people and getting it over with.

9. When a guy asks you for you number after seeing you in a bikini, he does not want to get to know you better - he just wants to get you in bed.

10. Live in the now because tomorrow never comes and yesterday is history.

11. Allow yourself to be creative.

12. Spend some time alone everyday. We all get sick of the people we live with, it's a fact.

13. Reality TV is what you watch when you're bored and no movies sound interesting.

14. Take pictures. Of everything.

15. Don't follow the crowd. Allow yourself to make your own decisions because the best paved road can often lead to the worst town.

This is my thinking face. K asked me what I was doing on her side of the room. I told her we don't have sides. :-)

A picture taken over winter break. Beautiful glass bottles. Beautiful.

16. Appreciate the beauty in the simple things in life.

17. Sleep with TONS of pillows.

18. Do at least one nice thing for someone a day.

19. Eat dessert.

20. Sing your heart out, even if you suck. :-)

21. Learn something new.

22. Stretch your achy muscles.

23. Do something you're horrible at.

24. Write with your non-dominant hand.

25. Find something to laugh and smile about everyday. It gets rid of the stress in your life.

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