Monday, February 2, 2009

So What? So I've Got A Smile On

Everyone has it. Everyone makes it. Everyone learns about it. Not everyone learns from it. Great things have been achieved in it. Not so great things have also happened in it. It's caused revelations. It's been celebrated. It's been recorded in books, on cave walls, in minds and in hearts. History.

My history is not the same as your history. The way we percieve history is different too. Two people can have the same experience, but they will each remember it differently. Does this mean the history is different? No. Both parties are correct because that's the history that happened to them. The exception to this rule would be if you were clinically insane. Ha, ha. But that's really besides the point.

I was born in California. When you live in Idaho, that's really not the greatest thing to say. No offense to California, really. The Californians that move up here have placed a terrible stereotype in the minds of Idahoans. It's true. We think you are a bunch of crazy drivers who like to party and even though you left California, really the only thing you've changed in your life is the weather. It's annoying. We've been here burning fields and driving like sane people long before you arrived. So don't go pretending that you're not trying to change Idaho, because it's already happened. The only thing missing is palm trees.

I was raised in Hayden, Idaho. I'm a small town girl. I get lost in big cities, I'd rather learn to drive a tractor than how to ride the subway system. I'd rather ride a horse than a limo. I wear jeans, tee shirts and ball caps. I like boots. The smell of sweat doesn't bug me. The smell of mountain air and dusty trails gives me peace of mind. Laying in a field of grass on a sunny day with a slight breeze surrounded by my best friends - perfect.

I have two brothers. I make better friends with boys than with girls. I think that life is too full drama. I use music as a way to escape. I love stories. I love dance. All of these things, these likes and these dislikes, they are a part of my past, a part of my history, and they are what has made me myself. They have helped shape me as a person and they help me learn how to plan for my future. Looking at the past helps you to know how you will react in the future. Looking at the past can also help explain why you have reacted the way you have to a certain event in your life. It's crazy how much we can learn from the past.

My idea of the perfect life? One that's not too complicated and not too fancy. A little fluff isn't bad. Like a big house. I like big houses. A big house on a nice piece of property. With a stable. With a horse. Surrounded by family. A fireplace is important. It's the center of a home. I remember when I was younger, my brother and I would come inside from playing out in the snow and warm ourselves by the fire. I have great memories of childhood - and eve though I'm still young, I consider my 'childhood' as pretty much over. I'm moved out of the house, and I make my own decisions for the most part. How much of a child am I? But I'm reluctant to say goodbye to my childhood because I don't feel very old, or like I'm old enough to say that's gone. But is it really still here?

The Picture Of the Day:

A girl that I have history with. She's one of my best friends. We've been through plenty of tough times together. And by plenty I mean it takes both hands to count how many times we've thought the world was ending, only to find out that looking back it was pretty insignificant. We've both grown up a lot and changed in several different ways. But I will always love her. Always. Friendship defines history.

Random Fact: The highest lifetime yield of milk for a single cow is 55, 849 gallons.

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