Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sister, Sister

My sister has recently discovered the joys of instant messaging. Her favorite thing is all the games you can play with the people that you are talking to. She always wants to play tic tac toe with me, but I school her at it every time. Ha, ha.

However, she does miss me because I don't live at home any more. So for her to be able to talk to me online is just amazing to her. And I don't mind because it's amusing for me as well. We are 7 years apart and haven't always been that close, but as we get older we have more things in common. I'm just excited for her to grow up even more and go through things that I can relate to even better. It will be exciting! Some people aren't excited for their siblings to get bigger and get older and grow and spread their wings, but it doesn't bug me. I'm excited for life to continue. It's amazing to watch someone grow up right before your very eyes. A little bitter sweet to say the least.

This picture was taken on a family ski trip in Montana. She was learning to snowboard and me and my two brothers were teaching her. It was an awesome trip. We had lots of fun.

Random Fact: In every episode of Seinfeld there is at least one superman reference somewhere.

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