Monday, December 1, 2008

The Storm

I could use a good thunder storm right about now. The sky all dark and overcast with rain splashing on everything in sight. Lightning so bright it makes the earth look like noon time for a split second and then plunges you back into total darkness. Wrapped up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and the dull crack of wood burning in a fire place. The power's out so candle flames light up the various rooms that are occupied.
Counting the seconds between the lightning flash the roll of the thunder that's so loud it shakes the house right down the foundations. The clouds covering the moon so you just get little glances at it every now and then. The lights of cars driving by highlight the rain droplets and their tires splash through the puddles that now cover the street.
As you sit there and stare out at the storm, you snuggle yourself underneath the blanket you've chosen for a cuddle buddy. The hot cocoa you're sipping is warm all the way down every time you put the mug to your lips. The warmth of the fire is making one side of you hotter than the other, so every so often you have to switch positions.
The thunder roars over head. The glass panes in the windows shudder in their places. A slow smile crosses your face and your eyes sparkle as you enjoy the show mother nature is providing just outside your comfortable place at home on your couch. The wind howls and presses itself against the siding of the house.
And then the cocoa is all gone. You sneak off the couch to put your mug in the kitchen and when you return to your wonderful spot to watch the rest of the storm, the couch is still a little warm from your previous inhabitance. You smile as another bolt of lightning strikes, lighting up the night as if it were day.
You notice yourself slowly drifting off to sleep. All thoughts leave your mind and you sit and you stare and you think of nothing. The sound of the storm outside surrounds you. Doesn't that just sound totally wonderful? That's what I want to hear right now. I want to hear the roll of deep thunder and see the bright strikes of lightning. I want the rain to pelt against my window and I want to worry about nothing.

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  1. Oh, how I would worry if I were witnessing a huge thunder and lightening storm. I'd be filled with fear and anxiety. Your post was so real, it almost scared me!

    I could use a nice 110 degree day right about now, spending the day by a swimming pool. No worries.

    That's what we really need - no worries. And we don't have to have them. Breathe. Pray. Relax. Smile. (Wipe a tear if you must.) God's in control, and He's crazy about you!


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